There was a man very down…

There was a man very down on his luck eating the grass of a front lawn in a well-to-do street. A lawyer in a Jaguar sped past and was intrigued by what the man was doing,
so he went around the block a couple of times and eventually pulled up beside the man and asked him why he was eating the grass.
The man stood up and said “I’m a failed stockbroker who lost all my money on the market and can’t afford to buy food so I have to eat grass to stay alive”
The lawyer told the man “Jump into my car and I’ll look after you”
So the stockbroker got into the car with lawyer and began to thank him in advance for what he thought was going to be a very fine meal.
But the lawyer said “Oh we aren’t going out for a meal, we’re going to my house, the grass is 2 feet high there!”

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