Circus In Town

The circus got to a little town in county Down, Ireland, early one sunday and began to set up.
One of the clowns, who also did acrobatic acts, being a god-fearing Catholic, went off to the little church for early confession, but found the priest still having breakfast and not yet in his robes.

“Will ye be hearin’ me confession, now, father?” the acrobat asks.
“Why, sure, my son, I’ll be doing that right away, but I haven’t seen you here before. You be just passin’ through, like?”
“Oh, no, father,” replies the man, “I’m all with the circus now. It’s come to entertain the folks, like. It’s settin up now on the green. You need to come, father, it’s right excitin. I’ll get ye a ticket, that I will.’
“Oh son, I could not be goin to the circus, now, not that I’ve ever been, mind, but It would na be right for me to go. But, I’ll tell ye, I’m interested in what thely’ll be seein. What, say, do you do in the circus?”
“Me, Father? Why I’m doing the bit of acrobatics, now, that I am.”
“Acrobatics? I’ve never seen that now – what do you have to do. Jump about a bit, somethin loike that?”
” Oh,father, more loike summersaults, loops, Catherine wheels, that sort o thing, you know.
“No, I never seen anythin loike that. It does sound excitin. Perhaps you could show me? Give me a demonstration, would be grand, that would.”
“Well, father, not here now. I’d need a bt more room loike. I could do a couple a tumbles down the aisle, I suppose, if that would be right wi’ you?”
“Sure, an there’s no one here this early ever. Come on, show me!”
So they went out into the church and the acrobat proceeded to do some hand stands, tumbles, and wheels down the aisle. The priest was entranced and demanded an encore – but unknown to him to of the old ladies from the village had got to mass early and were watching this from the shadows to one side. They were astounded, holding their breath in amazement, but one finally leant over to the other and said “Well, dear, if them’s the pennance the father’s handin’ out this morning, I’m goin to go home an put on me knickers.”

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