Panda Joke

One day, a large panda dressed in a suede coat walked into a Chinese restaurant. He sat down and ordered a meal. Because of his large paws, he had a little difficulty with the chopsticks, but he eventually finished his food.
As soon as his meal was finished, the panda reached into his coat pocket, pulled out a revolver and blew six holes in the roof.
He then pocketed the revolver again, and left.
The manager, obviously and understandably baffled by this strange event, chased after the panda.
‘Hey!’ he shouted. ‘What in the world did you do that for? All my customers are frightened to death.’
The panda bear stopped, turned slowly, and growled: “Look it up.”
The man was curious, so after he had the roof repaired, he went home. He immidiately removed his encyclopedias from the shelf, and looked up “Panda”

He read:
“Panda n. Ailuropoda melanoleuca, a large, endangered species of bear indigeonous to the Orient. Eats shoots and leaves.”

(This is the clean version of this old Panda joke, I must find the other one later).

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