F16 Flying Over Afghanistan

An American fighter pilot was flying his F16 aircraft over Afghanistan, when he noticed a flying carpet on his left hand side, manned by a man with a machine gun. He looked to his right and saw another carpet alongside, also manned by a man with a machine gun.
He thought ‘ I’ve got to get out of this’, so he accelerated flat out and put the F16 into a high speed loop and came up behind both carpets, which he shot down.
On arriving back at his Aircraft Carrier, he was told to report to the captain immediately. “You idiot!” said the captain. ‘We saw what you did on radar and now we’re in a load of trouble’.
“What do you mean?” said the pilot, “I shot both carpets down!”
“I know that!” said the captain, “But they were Allied Carpets!”

(Probably need to be a ‘brit’ to understand this one, so I’d Google for Allied Carpets if you don’t understand it)

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