A virile, young Italian, relaxing at his favorite bar, managed to attract the attention of a spectacular young blonde. Things progressed to the point where he invited her back to his apartment. A little small talk, a few more drinks, and soon they were in his bedroom.
After an intense round, he finally finished and asked with a smile, “So… you finish?”
She frowned and replied, “No.”
Surprised, he resumed his lovemaking. This time, they thrashed about wildly, but when the lovemaking ended and the smiling young man asked, “You finish?”
She again smiled and said softly, “No.”
Stunned and unable to let this woman outlast him, he begins anew. It takes the last of his strength, but they finally climax simultaneously, screaming, bucking, clawing and tearing the sheets.
The exhausted Italian stud fell onto his back, gasping. He looked her in the eyes, smiled proudly, and again asked, “You finish?”
Barely able to speak, she whispered, “No. I Swedish!”

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