Fish Tales

Adam and Christian were two atlantic prawns. They had been friends all their lives, and went everywhere together. One day, Adam brushed up against a bottle on the seabed, and out popped a genie, complete with breathing gear (as you might expect). He offered Adam three wishes.
“I can’t think of much,” said Adam, “can I have one wish now and come back later for the others?”. The Genie agreed, so Adam said “Well, I’ve always wanted to be a great white shark.”

Sploosh, Adam turns into a great white shark.

“Come back when you think what you want with the other wishes” the genie calls out as he squeezes back in to the bottle.

Adam thought this was great, but soon noticed that all his friends were giving him a bit of a wide berth. So he went to see his lifelong friend Christian, but he got the door slammed in his face. “Shove off, you’re a great white shark, and I don’t feel safe with you” .

Adam was very upset, and after wandering around the seabed alone for a while, he returned to the genie. He explained that all his friends were shunning him, and he did not want to be a shark any more. The genie points out that legally, he is under no obligation to reverse a wish just because it no longer suited, and Adam agreed to use his second wish. The genie reverses the process

Sploosh!! Adam is no longer a shark.

Pleased as punch he goes to see his lifelong friend, and as he approaches the little prawny house, he calls out “Hello, its me, Adam, can we be friends again?”

“Why should I be friends with you, you were a shark not long ago”, said his old pal.

“That’s OK, you can trust me, I’m a prawn again, Christian”

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