How deep is that stream?

A city gent is driving through the countryside when he comes to a stream he has to drive across.
Sitting on the riverbank is a local yokel so he stops the car and asks “Hey, country chappie. How deep is that stream?”
The yokel chews a bit on his straw and says “Arr but it be just a few inches deep”.
City gent starts the car and drives into the stream. The front wheels go into the stream and suddenly the car tips forward and sinks.
City gent manages to get out of the car and swim back to the riverbank. Gasping and spitting water he shouts “You ignorant peasant – you said the stream was just a few inches deep!”.
Yokel takes the straw out of his mouth, scratches his head and says “Now that be funny – the water only comes ‘alf way up the ducks”

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